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Styling With Grace K offers you an experience. With our unmatched unique styling services, we help you discover your Style Personality. Whether you are a City Chic, a Dramatic, a Romantic, a Creative, a Classic or a true Natural you are in safe hands when you choose us. With our understanding of your body type, perfect colour combinations and current trends, we help you find exactly what you need.

Our services consist of the following options:

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Online Consultation Session 1 hour

We understand that with your busy and hectic schedule, you cannot be present with us at all times. Therefore  we are offering you a more flexible online consultation sessions all done within the comforts of your space and time.

Session includes:

Analyse your Style Personality and Body Shape Profile.
Top tips clothing styles that flatter your figure.
A precise Colour Guide.
A shopping List. Must Haves Classic items in the wardrobe.
Top tips on how to look stylish and put together effortlessly.

Your chance to ask me 3 questions that can help solve your style mishaps (Please submit it with your initial questionnaire)

One hour consultation cost £50

Additionally, you can book an extra hour with us at only £50

Wardrobe Detox 5 hour Service

Make the most of what you already have:

The wardrobe detox is a valuable and fun experience. With our help, you will know which clothes perfectly flatter your shape.
Colours that suit your skin tone and prints that can enhance your body shape. 
Which clothes to alter before you wear them the next time. Which clothes you absolutely need to throw out! We will also recommend a priority shopping list for future purchases to further complement the potential of your wardrobe. This service takes place in the comfort of your home where together we will go through your entire wardrobe. During the session, we will take photos of you in each of your newly put together outfits and combinations. Completed by accessories to flatter your existing outfits.

We offer you all of this at only £250

Additionally, you can book an extra hour with us at only £50

Personal Shopping

Styling With Grace K takes all the stress and headaches out of shopping.
We have professional knowledge of brands and the latest seasonal trends tailored to your shape and needs. Lots of preparation before we shop to 
maximize our time together to avoid hasty and impulsive buys.

Session includes:

Pre-session questionnaire and chat.
Designs that will suit you from the high street.
Mix and Match with existing pieces.

Your choice for a full day 5 hours at £250 or 3 hours at £150

If you wish to book a Personal Styling Session with a Wardrobe Detox, you’ll receive a £20 discount. Additional hours cost at £50 per hour.
Please discuss this with us prior to your appointment.

Assembling Outfits

Bought some new pieces but still need our help to put it together!

A Super Exquisite session includes:

Assessment of goals and needs prior to meeting.
Finding outfits to suit various goals.
A specific area like Work, Special Occasion, Going from Day to Night.
Tips and tricks on how to mix and match with your existing clothes.
A shopping list of essential items that would help round off your current wardrobe.
Shoes and accessories advice for each outfit.

Minimum 3 hours for £150

Additionally, you can book an extra hour with us at only £50

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal

Giving birth is a laborious task. Although your body changes before and after giving birth, the need to look stylish and comfortable is important. We help you find the best outfit choices during maternity and help you re-create your post-maternity wardrobe by offering you a complete makeover. These sessions take place in the comfort of your home.

Session includes:

Declutter the wardrobe and do away with the ones that can’t be used.
Assembling a capsule maternity wardrobe for 9 months.
New Mummy wardrobe by adding some new pieces.

Wardrobe Detox: 3-hour session for £150
Capsule Maternity Wardrobe: 2-hour session for £100

The complete package above costs £250

If you would like to tailor this to suit your needs, just let us know. Customised packages available on request.

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