Sustainability with a Twist        

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy “

My total admiration for @Denise in starting Night watch Homeless Outlet, Sutton ……………

A place where you can buy Brand New high street / designer brands at 1/ 3 of the price.

How did Denise manage to wing it???

She calls herself a professional beggar.

Denise wrote to all the buyers she found on LinkedIn and literally asked them to support this worth cause.

I visited this place yesterday with my client and found rails & rails of amazing clothes.

Well displayed & clothes were Trendy and Current.

My friend Kunbi Adeola volunteers with Sally Macguire (pic below)

Excellent service ……beautiful people helping out to raise awareness and support for the homeless.

Loved my time there.

My humble request kindly visit this outlet and be a partner in this initiative.…/

Grace K

Grace K

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