Reasons why Curvy women look like Frumps

Why do Curvy women

X Make wrong choices in clothing.

X Make wrong bra & panties

X Not wear proper shape wear

X Not wear flattering shoes.

X Not show their shape

X Not emphasize their waist

X Dress like men

Why? Why? Why?

Probably NOT being able to have the

Well, this is where I can give you a helping hand.

As a Personal Transformation Coach, I can help in your transformation Inside Out

If we are not able to work on our insides

Then it will reflect on the outsides

So, reach out today & begin the transformational change with Me…

Where I will work on your deep-set insecurities & building you up through positive affirmation, mentoring & encouragement. Most definitely through styling too.

Let’ leave the pass behind and embrace the future in 2022.

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Kirubai Style Matters Size Doesn’t

Grace K

Grace K

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