Off to the races
Cheltenham races are around the corner. The weather is not doing so well. So, the question is how do I really get dress to brave the weather and yet looking spectacular and stylish?
Being a stylist, I have come up with a few suggestions that might be of great help to those avid visitors to the races.
Winter Colours
Favourite colours for winter are rich jewel tones such as navy, maroon, deep purples, copper, mustard, emerald green, oranges and off course classic black, white and grey.
Metallic accessories are fun to play around with too.
A wool blend/tweed has a warm feel. Thicker fabrics are great as it would work beautifully for a structured tailored suit for the ladies. Leather trims, faux fur trims can add a touch of class to an outfit. Alternatively, wear a whole leather garment.
Capes and Jackets
A fun addition to an outfit. Capes come in many different colours and patterns and look trendy.
Fortunately, the days of the dull black suit jacket are gone and there is a wide variety of prints and colours and lengths to play with.

Gloves add a touch of class to an outfit in winter. Leather, suede or wool are some of the options They come in variety of colours too. Length ranging from half palm to full length depending on the style and length of the sleeves of the outfit.
Millinery of the season is often made of felt, wool, leather and silks to help keep the cold off at the races. Adorned in a variety of trims such as feathers, leather flowers, lace and veiling, all great choices for winter time. Fashionable crowns and fascinators are still trending around race courses and can be a great alternative to heavy winter fabrics.
Metallic accessories are popular this time of year and can be a great way to revamp a dull outfit and add some interest. Think gold, bronze, chrome and stones. Accessories should always match when wearing winter tones.
Strappy summer heels are a No! No! for the races in winter. Shoes with a slight peep toe and a matching pedicure is a winner. Or even a covered pair of shoes is more suitable.
Stocking are a fun addition to an outfit. Opaque stockings add warmth while fish net stockings make a fashion statement.
Handbags and Clutches
Steer clear of straw bags and anything with a summery feel. Clutches at this time of the year should also adhere to winter fabrics as mentioned above.
Hair and Makeup
Winter makeup aim for a darker bolder lip colours such as reds, burgundy, maroons and dramatic smoky eye. Choose hair dos that would complement your hat or fascinator.
So, are you going to join me at the races this winter???

Grace K

Grace K

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