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As a Style Transformation Coach, I ‘m completely a novice when it comes to Sustainable /Eco Fashion. This Lockdown it has given me time to research and really dig my heels into studying about the sustainability of fashion in this day and age. As someone who loves to shop constantly for personal reasons and also together with my clients, I have come up with some idiot proof steps to remind myself.
Don’t carry your credit card- Is that possible??? Well, if you are a compulsive shopper. Keep minimum amount of cash and avoid the shops. If you are a fashion and trend driven sort of person, have a swap party with some bubbly and swap clothes with your friends and family. Another sustainable way to keep your wardrobe updated is to also opt for rental fashion.
Buying from charity boutique shops, thrift shops, auction sites are frown upon by many. Personally, I love rummaging through these shops to find some hidden treasures. Shops around certain postcodes such as SW1 to SW10 or even NW6 have great preloved designer wear. Check out You will not be disappointed.
It is best to avoid clothing that are poorly made or damaged. Clothes as such might be inexpensive but they will on the long run have a very short life span. Quality versus Quantity. Of course, if you are buying better quality clothes, they are likely to last longer (and you’re also more likely to treat them better because they are more expensive)
As a personal stylist, my advice to my clients is always to invest in trans seasonal clothes. What I mean is to always have a capsule wardrobe that can be worn all year round. Spending the bulk of the money on key pieces that do not go out of date and staying evergreen.
Donating unwanted clothes to a good cause is a good practice. Rather than leaving them hanging in the wardrobe will help others to be more sustainable. A great way is to follow a one-in, one-out policy that every time you buy something, you’ll donate something else in the wardrobe. What a simple way to update the wardrobe.
Even as I m penning down my thoughts on how to Go Green fashionably, I have to constantly remind myself to observe. Practice what I preach. Also, to bring awareness to my clients. Helping them to understand to protect mother earth ………………………..I m on a mission

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