It’s all about the shape

It’s all about the Shape
Many of us will aspire to lose weight in summer.
We might plan to join a gym to take off that extra bit of weight to get into that sexy swim wear.
Or trying to resort to eating healthy, which is never easy.
Well! Well! Well! It’s just resolutions.
The question is whether these resolutions can become a reality.
What if I could guide you to looking 10 lbs slimmer and stylish by just wearing the right clothes.
Dressing according to your shape and looking trim and fabulous.
Yes, that’s right. You read it right!!!
Dressing according to your body shape actually saves you from all the frustration and the pain of looking like a frump.
The first step towards achieving this would be to discover your body shape.
As a personal stylist, I’m able to help you figure these somewhat mind-boggling questions. Work with what you already have in your wardrobe and guiding you to some great purchases that will complement your totally new person.
Looking Slimmer and Put Together will be your new mantra after the LOCKDOWN
Shape Matters Size Doesn’t
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