How to Dress Slimmer

Some people have body types that are neither too lean nor obese. However, at times they find themselves staring in the mirror and wondering why the dress they bought seemed to look so perfect on the catalogue yet so unflattering on them.

If you feel like you find yourself in this situation time and time again then it’s probably because you aren’t dressing in the appropriate way. However, there’s no need for you to continue to feel bad about yourself as we’ve got some simple things to keep in mind the next time you go shopping in order to look your best!

Wear long cardigan:

Wearing a longer cardigan can give the illusion of a leaner body. It makes your body look longer than it actually is which in turn makes you look thinner. It also covers the lower half of your body hiding lower body fat that may have accumulated over time such as thicker thighs or broader hips.

Wear a pencil line or fitted skirt:

A looser or baggier skirt could make you look fat even though you aren’t. Looser clothes generally do give the illusion of a heavier frame. Loose skirts may distort your natural lower frame to make it look drab and heavy. A fitted skirt would highlight the lower half of your frame, adding definition to it to make you look slimmer.

Wear the right shaped jacket:

A longer jacket would only add further layers to your lower half making it look fuller. A shorter, slightly fitted jacket would encircle the waist, allowing it to look slimmer and would complement your frame, making your physique look smart and elegant

Dressing in proportion:

The key to dressing in proportion is fairly simple! Just remember that fuller, rounder clothing will make you look fuller and rounder and slimmer clothing will make you look the same

Matching your separates:

Wearing clothing in colours that complement each other or wearing single coloured clothes will make you look slimmer. Tones that are similar make the physique look leaner.

So if you’ve ever felt fat rather than hitting the gym perhaps you should try these tips out and see the remarkable difference they’ll make!

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