How to Accessorize a Red Dress

Red is an intense colour that can draw attention to the person wearing them. The bright and bold red dress can look both seductive and classy and you can make a big colour statement by wearing this for any occasion. However, wearing a red dress will make a statement on any occasion and it is necessary that you make it right. Here are some tips for you to accessorize a red dress and look absolutely stunning!

Creating a monochromatic look

Too much of something might be a bad thing, but too much of red is never a problem! Complementing your clothes with a simple red accessory like a necklace or a scarf or perhaps a slightly different shade would add good definition to your dress!

Darker Shades

Burgundy is perhaps the darkest shades of red. It is very close to the colour black which is a perfect colour to go with red, yet it still has the red touch.  Add a touch of sophistication and class to your everyday style with this amazing colour.

Carrying a burgundy bag or wearing a burgundy scarf could go perfectly with your outfit. You could also just simply wear jewellery with red coloured stones in them. If you’re looking for a lighter shade then some rose-gold pieces of jewellery might also help you accessorize!

Introducing other colours or patterns

If you’re not in the mood for too much red, then adding different colours or patterns might add a special edge to your dress. Black and gold are two colours that go perfectly well with red. So a black belt or handbag or perhaps some gold jewellery would give you the most perfect elegant and stylish look to your dress. Brown is also a good go-between colour that would look smart.


Specifically, in the jewellery department, pearls and metallic looking jewellery look exceptionally fashionable with red dresses. If you’re in the mood to look extremely sophisticated try out some pearls and if you’re in the mood to party, metallic jewellery will really help you stand out!

The next time you get a classy red dress for yourself, don’t forget to try out these tips to look your absolute best!

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