Guideline to Wearing Ties

Ties are a classic part of formal, semi-formal, and even semi-casual fashion. With so many options to choose from it sometimes gets difficult to make the right decision about coordination.

Here are a few guidelines to help you look dapper and handsome.

Solid-Coloured Ties- A conservative approach

When looking forward to wearing a solid coloured tie, go for the shirt dyed in the same colour family. For example, a sky blue shirt would compliment a navy blue tie really well. 

Remember not to mix-n-match a black tie with a white shirt, unless it’s a solemn occasion, like a funeral.

Colours that compliment your skin tone

If you’d like your dope physical features to be dominant enough then look for the colours that’d highlight your skin tone. Cool colours like pink or green look terrific on pale skin while hues of brown and red look the best on a darker complexion. Purple, white and black are the few colours in ties that go with all skin tones.

Meaningful colours- depict different attitudes

It simply means if you are in the mood to look debonair and nonchalant in the meetings you might want to go for red (authoritative), yellow (positive energy), silver (celebration) and dark blue (business deals, boldness) coloured ties. Pair them up with white, black or blue shirts. Who knew to look hunky was this simple?

Patterned Ties and their secret

Does your tie have a striped, dotted or floral pattern? All you got to do is look for the most dominant colour and then look for the shirt with the same colour family. Be a little careful when wearing a non-traditional pattern in ties, like a single striped tie. Of course, it’ll draw attention. But only if it’s coordinated with the shirt having the same shade from the tie’s dominant colour. What about the patterned shirts? Just make sure the pattern of your tie is reasonably larger or smaller than the pattern of your shirt.

Lastly, your dressing is your expression. Don’t let your style be overshadowed by the fads of society.

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