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Robert DP

Robert Kohout is a conscientious and professional fixed income trader with extensive experience in FX. He has a working experience of 43 years in the banking industry and is a highly qualified and efficient individual equipped with a number of indispensable skills that have allowed him to make his mark in the world of professional training. His thorough yet precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results for our clients who always look up to him whenever they face any setbacks they can’t handle.

One of his most recent achievements with his current employer includes the reduction of manual work with the transfer of IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and PHP (Philippians Peso) to onshore trading, thus saving one man hour daily. This means that the manual workers will get paid the same amount while having to work less, leading to a decreased burden on them. This decreased burden will ensure that they work to their maximum potential and produce maximum benefits for the company.

Robert Kohout has a number of skills to his name, including proficiency in all areas of the Microsoft Office including but not limited to Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

His innovation and analytical skills enable him to carefully objectify a matter and carry out the essential practical steps required for an organization to recover from any setbacks that may occur.

His immense experience of 43 years in the banking industry has equipped him with the extensive knowledge and communication skills required for the training of individuals that have just started or are facing setbacks in their corporate organizations.

Robert Kohout has successfully managed to make a name for himself in the professional training industry owing to his extensive knowledge, excellent communication skills, proficiency in technology-based gadgets and devices and his unique analytical and innovative skills that enable him to excel in any task he performs.



Malar Anuty DP

Kirubai Kohout, the Managing Director of “Styling With Grace K” gained experience in image consultancy through her work at “Le’Tore Image Builders”, a company she founded in her homeland Malaysia. Over the years, she has become an expert in helping men and women define and refine their image, find their own style, improve their communication skills, fine-tune their etiquettes and protocol management.

Kirubai began her career in Retail Banking in 1985. Once she discovered her passion, she took a one-year sabbatical to pursue her studies at L’ECOLE des Etiquette.
In April 2001, inspired by the late Mary Kay Ash’s success and philosophy, she joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as an Independent Beauty Consultant. While working with Mary Kay Cosmetics, she progressed into Corporate Training as a Professional Image Consultant where she held a wide range of well attended seminars and workshops over the years for individuals, business leaders, professionals and Corporations such as Oil and Gas,Banks and Hotels.

Her workshops are highly interactive and she is committed to ensuring that each and every participant benefits from her workshops.
She gained local media recognition in Malaysia for her expertise as a “Kitchen Beautician” in several Malay publications such as Jelita and Kosmo. The former is a leading female magazine, while the latter is a contemporary newspaper, in which she shared the benefits of using fruits and vegetables organically and naturally as skincare.
In 2010, Kirubai married and moved to London, United Kingdom. She expanded her knowledge and equipped herself in the areas of colour and styles with “Colour Me Beautiful”, Europe’s leading image consultancy.

Having overcome some confidence issues in her own career and life, she decided to help others overcome theirs. Kirubai’s motto is: Size does not matter,Shape does. The right outfit and styling can have a positive effect on Personal Branding which is much needed in todays tough business world.

Kirubai has a unique natural flair and expressed warmth with a personal touch while working with her clients. She has a phenomenal eye for colours and combinations and loves helping men and women attire themselves appropriately according to their skintones .Her unique gifting is to work with her clients to discover their style personality be it a classic, city chic, dramatic, romantic,creative or simply natural. She guarantees to help capture the beauty and confidence that is hidden inside of her clients.

Who we are:

Styling with Grace K, a UK incorporated company A group of dedicated trainers who embrace authenticity and diversity Deliver key concepts for CHANGE internally and externally in an organization A systematic approach to training and building individual and organization Elevate business Success, striving for excellence.

What We Do:

All our training solutions can be aligned to our clients’ need. All our workshops are supported with high-quality materials, designed and written specifically for each and every client. Training and consulting interventions are customised and participatory. We will adopt consulting forms, processes and tools to suit the needs of clients. We conduct local, regional and global research to stay abreast of the challenges and best practices facing organisations. Our programmes ignite enthusiasm and inspire, and they accurately reflect clients’ objectives, culture and climate. We develop your own real-life situations into case studies, highlighting immediate practical applications, making skill development as natural, beneficial and as useful as possible.

Courses offered:​

  • Compliance
  • KYC Know Your Client
  • Basic FX Training
  • General Banking under (UK)
  • Standards
  • Branding
  • Professional Presence
  • Self-Empowerment & amp
  • Transformation
  • Hospitality
  • Communication Skills
  • Bridging the cultural gap
  • Service recovery for customers

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