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“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of ART” I am truly looking forward to celebrating my 60th birthday next year. There is an air of confidence, self-assurance and poise that comes with age. Some struggle with it and some don’t. But there are ways to overcome these challenges.

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Now, age clearly has nothing to do with your style & fashion. What you should or shouldn’t wear and what is age appropriate? This all depends on your style personality. Here are some important tips I personally follow during summer. For those who live in countries that constantly have hot weather, these tips are a must follow. Don’t leave home without it.

A straw Hat

“To me, a hat is an ultimate piece to wear with every summer outfit. This keeps me cool and keeps the sun off my face. These recent years I have been susceptive to pigmentation. So besides putting on a spf50 sunblock, a classic brimmed hat always does the trick.

Colourful sandals

A colourful sandal is a great Go-To for summer. Adds colour to my outfit.  Exudes style and comfortable to wear. Wearing them on the beach or even while sightseeing on holidays a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. On the brighter side one pair of sandals, many different outfits.

Layered jewellery

I have practically showcased all my jewellery by layering them. I am elated, as these lovely necklaces which were hidden in my jewellery box can be displayed all at once.

Printed scarves & statement glasses

 A printed scarf never goes out of style or fashion. Keeping a scarf handled in my handbag enables me to add glamour to a plain outfit. Printed scarves are like cosmetics that add colour to my face even when I’m not wearing makeup. So is a pair of statement sunglasses. I hide my eyes behind shades when I don’t feel on top of the world. Shades also help keep the sun off my eyes. A touch of class with those vouge classes.

Hiding eyes behind dark glasses is a way of saying “Look at Me”


Since I had to pay a price for plastic bags, I carry different sorts of bags everywhere I go. Cloth bags, macramé bags, straw bags, recyclable bags made of plastic. This has made a fashion statement and personally communicated my stand and support for all things sustainable.

“Sustainability is the mother of invention”


Wearing mask is the new norm. The unbearable piece of fabric across my face. Unfortunately, I do wear them because I rather feel safe than sorry.  To make my mask interesting, I have a couple of printed once with different colours. I also have some solid coloured once. I match them according to my outfit to add interest. This forces me to wear eye makeup. Accentuate my eyes.

“I’m wearing a bra today but as a face mask”   

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