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As I go to the park every morning for a walk, I do take notice that most people exercising, hardly make a conscious effort in the way they dress. There is no colour in their gears or slight hint of fashion in their outfits. I do understand the need for comfort but most of them fall short.
So, these are some of my thoughts on how to look stylish and chic be it at the park or even at the gym.
With a wide variety of workout gears flooding the market, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Some of these options include
A great sports bra that compliments your workout gear. Sports bras are a must when exercising. They enhance your curves and help support muscles and prevent any sort of injury caused by the excessive jerking while exercising. Can be used without a top over it or otherwise.
Flexible Gym outfit are A Stylish Fitness Clothing Option. Flexible gym gears are the ideal choice for you. The best quality has moisture wicking capacity and it ensures comfort to the wearer. Available in many colours and design.
Sublimated Jackets Are the In-Thing in Activewear Fashion. They come in different colours, patterns and fit. It is staple in a regular gym goers’ wardrobe. These jackets can simply uplift your style quotient at the park or the gym.
A Nice Tote Bag to complete the Look. Tote bags help carry your essentials. Choosing one that matches your active wear is quite quintessential. They are easy to carry and lightweight which can make a great fashion statement.
Coordinating the whole activewear with trainers and other sports accessories such as arm and head bands, towels, water bottles can make quite an impression.
So, now just get ready to flaunt that a chic look at the park or at the gym.

Grace K

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