Eco Friendly Brands on the British High Street

Many might have the impression that it is difficult to find fashion/makeup brands that are ethical and sustainable on the high street. It’s actually far easier that you might think. As a personal stylist I am always encouraging my clients to shop local British brands which are committed to taking care of the environment. These are some of my findings
Lush is one of the most eco-friendly beauty and skincare brands which is committed to tackling plastic dumping in the ocean. In recent years plastic has become a serious issue. Lush has undertaken the task to use recyclable packaging on all their products and has refused animal testing. They stand against the expansion of the airline industry in the UK thus reducing carbon footprint. Most of their products are made in the UK.
Marks and Spencer is one of the top supermarket and clothing brand which is eco-friendly. The Ethical Consumer Guide also placed it as second on their supermarket ranking table. M&S was named the UK’s most ethical high street clothing retailer in Ethical Consumer Magazine.
John Lewis is also committed to being better for the environment and being good to its employees. Employee satisfaction is high in its stores as the employee-owned business mean workers have a share in the company profits and also the running of the business. The partnership also joined the Ethical Trading Initiative, an alliance of business, trade union and voluntary organisations that work to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people working in factories and farms worldwide.
H&M has been involved in fast fashion scandals in the past, in recent times it has shown an effort to redeem its reputation. The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection is dedicated to using organic material and creating items made out of scrap materials like discarded candlesticks. The Swedish retailer is certainly on the right tracks to ethical fashion.
Mango a high street brand, in recent years has got involved in responsible fashion with many new initiatives. To name a few The Committed Collection, Better Cotton Initiative, Take action Program and Second Chances. During the Second Chances initiative Mango placed recycle bins on all their stores encouraging customers to place unwanted clothing in it.
Boden which was an online shopping store has now opened couple of stores on the high street. Their presence on the high street has given more customers accessibility and real feel of the fabrics and quality. The “Boden Promise” seriously speaks of their commitment to sustainability, eco friendly production and also fairness to their workers. Recently Duchess of Cambridge, Kate don a blue floral midi wrap dress from Boden during a virtual visit to a maternity ward.
ASOS another online shopping store has its own ethical range called ASOS Eco Edit. Designs include underwear range, made from old plastic bottles and fishing nets. It has also set targets to produce 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.
To ensure your wardrobe isn’t hurting the planet, let’s start shopping sustainably and let’s start by supporting our quintessential British brands.

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