A compressive guide to Sustainable Fashion



A compressive guide to Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable fashion or eco fashion is a philosophy that has become a growing reality in this day and age. A principle ideology that can be truly supported in terms of human impact on the environment and society.
These are some Expressions relating to Sustainable Fashion
Refers to the effects that production of garment has on the world around us. How it is taken from the earth and returns to the earth is vital. How much waste is expelled in the manufacturing process? If the waste is not biodegrading, it’s not truly sustainable.
Simply means the way people are treated at their work place. Are wages paid according to the hours clocked in? Are they given proper breaks? Is everyone of proper age? Does the organisation practice “Give Back” policies to the communities? The term “ethical” is sometimes referred to products that are cruelty-free like ethical leather and faux fur.
During production of the garments, no animals was hurt or harmed. In the fashion industry it also means that the production of garments contains no animal by products. On beauty products it means that the finished product wasn’t tested on animals. Items that are free of animal by products is regarded as vegan products.

Refers to natural fibres being grown and produced without the use of highly toxic materials such as chemical pesticides. Cotton is probably the most common organic fibre found, but it is also possible to find organic hemp, silk and jute, to name just a few.
Conscious fashion
Is used synonymously by the fashion industry with “ethical”, “sustainable” or “eco” fashion. It’s a bit of a phrase that ends up being popular with certain brands. However, there are brands with the word “conscious” mentioned in their name tags which has its sustainability record clearly displayed.
Fair trade
Speaks about a partnership that ensures producers getting a fair wage for their product when it is sold in more affluent countries. Prices for fair-trade materials must never fall below market price. Fair trade is built on principles such as fair payment and ensuring good working conditions, which fair trade-certified clothing producers are encouraged to observe.
Slow fashion
is the reverse of fast fashion. Slow fashion is the making of high-quality garments that are designed with a long-term lifecycle in mind. In a perfect world, every item we buy should be slow fashion. Unfortunately, this is not so as it would be difficult to keep to trends which is fast changing season to season. Another crucial reason would be that it would have a direct effect on profit margins.
Greenwashing (Green Sheen)
Brands making claims about something being ethical or sustainable that, upon further inspection, turn out to be false or exaggerated. An example of greenwashing is a brand claiming that a dress is eco-friendly because it’s made of eco wool, when in fact it contains just 4% eco wool, along with other, less sustainable materials.
With us making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible to mother nature we can protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Our Society Can Evolve
Into something that Does have a more Global concern
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